Gamification stuff we love: Funifier website gamification

Gamification stuff we love: Funifier website gamification

Funifier is a gamification platform we partner with and since the beginning of this week, they have also taken over our website gamification. The Funifier platforms has all game mechanics built in from the Octalysis framework of Yukai Chou and it allows you to be a bit more creative with what is possible in terms of exploring the full gamification spectrum and motivate your visitors and users with new techniques.

The dashboard behind the scenes gives me great input on what is happening on my site and who is visiting, exploring and downloading. I also used the approach I would take with clients to map out, what behaviour I would like to encourage and then Funifier magicians made it happen. (thank you guys)

Our first ambition is for people to explore the content on my site and share it wider, then we also would like to encourage comments and downloads, ultimately once we do have online services live, we want to encourage visitors to explore this of course. We have some fun stuff up our sleeve and have committed to some knowledge sharing rewards for activity, which we sure hope will attract some engagement.

Over the next few months I will be exploring further dynamics to see what effect they have on engagement on my website. I am excited to play with it and find out what works best for my visitors,who may already have a bit of a gaming edge in comparison with other sites. I will keep you posted on progress and how it is working. In the mean time we hope you will come and play and give us feedback on the game elements you would like to see more of.

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