Gamification can help you achieve:

Teams that make more sales

Better employee wellbeing

Committed and loyal representatives

A confident and knowledgeable workforce

We put people at the centre of our games design, to create motivated workforces, great communities,
strong brands and inclusive cultures, all through playful, gamified experiences.
We work with all types of businesses and industries, from SMEs to FTSE 500 companies across the UK, Europe, the US and Asia.

We help companies attract, retain and motivate their employees and clients through games, gamification of processes and apps as well as providing spaces where people can thrive and succeed.

Attract & recruit new employees and clients

Attract the right people for your company through to help them shine as clients and thrive as employees. All businesses know the right people help you get results and save you time and make you money. We create games to help select the best fitting or most targeted audience for you. We gamify the pre-hire, recruitment and onboarding experiences to attract and retain the best talent.

Retain and set your employees and clients up for success

Retention starts at the very beginning with great onboarding and finding out what people want from working with you. It is then your job to help them achieve their success, we help you identify what they want with games, quizzes, gamified onboarding processes.

Motivate & inspire your employees and clients

Motivation starts with understanding your people, we create quizzes and games to help people realise their strengths and winning behaviours. Motivation is most often about majoring in the small steps that make a big difference from celebrating achievement to timely feedback and insightful moments of reflection. You can achieve that with games, gamification and engaging work spaces.







“Whether you are a big or small organisation, we can make a difference.”

As a work-based training company, it’s imperative that we motivate, engaging and arm our clients with the skills they need to succeed in their careers. Although we wanted the best experience, this was previously not the case as we had a 3 out of 10 completion rate and it was evident that our clients were not enjoying their journey with us.

We urgently needed to change this so we started looking into gamification and approached Gamification Nation to help us improve our training material and system. Needless to say, we are delighted that we made this decision, we now have a 9 out of 10 completion rate. Our clients are enjoying the whole process through to the end.

We highly recommend Gamification Nation!

Laila Ibrahim, CEO, GradPrentice

“Use the science of gaming to motivate and inspire people.”

An’s enthusiasm and knowledge for Gamification is infectious. During her talks I learnt so much about Gamification and how to use the science of gaming to motivate and inspire people in non-gaming situations.

Lucy Ignatiadis, Software Implementation Expert

“Instrumental in helping.”

We’ve been working with An (and the Gamification Nation team) for the past year and it has been a total pleasure to have her on the 5App team. An provides a refreshingly different perspective to our strategy work, adding value throughout the lifetime of the project. Her ideas and innovative approaches have informed and challenged our thinking in all the right ways.

Gill Frood, Head of Marketing,

Is gamification right for you?

An Coppens, award-winning gamification expert

Founder of Gamification Nation, An Coppens, is a revered gamification expert and award-winning speaker with over 15 years’ experience in creating behavioural change through games and play. add a bit more text here leading into the About page and Speaking page.

  • Authority on gamification for learner and employee engagement.
  • 20 years’ experience in creating behavioral change through.
  • Recognized Human Resources Development (HRD) Visionary.
  • Winner of Excellence in No-Tech Gamification Design, Gamicon 2018.
  • Winner of Outstanding Gamification Agency, Gamification Europe 2017.

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