Gamification Mechanic Monday: Discovery

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Discovery

One of my favourite dynamics is that of discovery both in games and in real life. I enjoy discovering new areas and new potential tools in a game even if it may need to be pointed out with breadcrumb or glowing signals to indicate new paths. When you explore a new game or a new city, there could be amazing surprises and beautiful sights around every corner. Sometimes we discover them by following a clear path to them with sign posts and maps, others we may just randomly stumble upon on our travels.

This past weekend, we were exploring the city of Vienna and had decided to follow some of the tourist trails with the hop on hop off bus tour and then we also decided to explore walking around the city when we felt like it. On our first evening we wandered around to find gluten free food and stumbled upon the amazing looking buildings of Hundertwasser, which we then revisited in daylight the next morning. It is these kinds of discoveries that make travel fun in addition to the planned events.

In gamification there is a lot of scope for stories and missions to explore new areas and make discoveries. In the learning work I have done this has definitely feature to help uncover new learning points and supplementary materials that are somewhat related. In recruitment related gamification the objective is often to have the potential new hire test out and explore whether they would fit in the new company or environment.

Where have you enjoyed discovering in gamification?

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