Gamification Mechanic Monday: Glowing choices

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Glowing choices

In games especially during the on boarding phase when you are still learning how to play the game, you will often have a glowing choice come up, items being highlighted and standing out, so you know what to do next. Even at further levels you may sometimes receive a hint with next possible options after you seem to take your time to make a choice. Glowing choices help you learn and can be a mechanic that leads you to an unexpected new area or new skill in a game.

In website gamification, this mechanic may come in handy to guide people to other parts of the website. With enterprise software it may serve the same purpose as in a game to help new users to learn what to do next. I have worked with enterprise resource programs, which used this approach and some customer relationship management software also.

Where have you seen this technique in practise in business?


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