End-user insight driven design

Encouragement of ethical and rewarding behaviours.

Collaborative & co-created

Working iteratively and involving you at every stage.

Results focused

We always begin with the outcomes and design out from there.
Gamification strategy and design works especially well for employers who want to introduce a change management programme, by reinforcing desired behaviours in a playful way.

Increase sales performance

Go beyond leaderboards to challenge your salespeople to hit their individual and team targets.

Nudge your people towards healthy work habits

Effective hints can go a long way to create a great work culture where all your people can thrive.

Recognise achievement

Reward those who are delivering results, allow for peer recognition in fun environment where team members want to stay for the long haul.

We always start with Gamification strategy

The aim at this stage is to understand your goals and map out what you consider will be the success factors.

We also talk to your target audience to get a real sense of the motivations that would lead to a change in their behaviour. Once we have devised the strategy, we can move on to gamification design.

Next, comes gamification design

There are three main stages to the way we would gamify a process, involving you every step of the way.

When gamifying your processes, we use the optimum combination of game psychology, game dynamics and game mechanics to achieve your desired results. As a standard service, we will check in with you after implementation to ensure that the gamification design is helping to achieve your company goals.


A high-level concept: we devise a theme, narrative, and vision.


A visual storyboard: a more in-depth view of the final product, drawing on key game mechanics.


A detailed gamification document: a comprehensive resource, ready for the developer to start implementing.

“thought provoking, practical and can be applied to any business. ”

Since implementing a few of the techniques we learnt during the 5 weeks, we have noticed a significant increase in guest participation throughout our program, even though we only thought the introductions of Gamification principles would go un-detected – they obviously have. We are now starting to set additional time aside in our planning process so that we can introduce further concepts and ideas and look forward to it all.

Gareth Stubbs, Inside Out Retreat

“Shortlisted as a Finalist in the TIGA games awards 2019.”

Our client wanted to attract more young people of a diverse background into engineering roles. We added a series of adventure themed mini-games to their recruitment process showing what life as engineer can be like and tests the individual on their abilities to build confidence and encourage them to apply.

Is gamification strategy and design for you?

If you have a process that you would like to enhance in a playful way, book a call with us to find out how gamification can help.