An Coppens; leading expert in gamification for learner & employee engagement

An Coppens is a well-known authority on gamification for learner and employee engagement. She has over 20 years’ experience in creating behavioural change through creative and innovative gamification solutions.

She founded Gamification Nation in 2012 and has since won many prestigious awards including the Outstanding Gamification Agency Award at Gamification Europe as well as Excellence in No-Tech Gamification Design at GamiCon.

As an author and award-winning speaker, An has toured the world sharing her expertise at events such as SXSW, Gamification Europe and HR Tech World. Her mission is to champion for a better experience for employees and learners alike through game-like design and gamification. An is an experienced and engaging speaker, comfortable with audiences of all sizes and sectors. If you would like to book An as a speaker at your next event, just click on the button below.

Upcoming and past events:

An Coppens, has given keynote talks around the world . Here are a selection of her upcoming and past events:
Amsterdam | London | Brussels | Lausanne | Madrid | Barcelona | Ancona | Bucharest | Stockholm | Paris | Berlin | Dublin | Kuala Lumpur | Beijing | Singapore | Mumbai | Chicago | Austin | Toronto

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“Best choice in lab leader at HR Tech World.”

An has proven to be our best choice in a lab leader on Gamification in HR. This year at HR Tech World Congress we scheduled over 190 speakers with amazing content but An stole the show with a packed workshop, which left little standing space and the attendees asking for more.

Steve George, HR Tech World

“An’s enthusiasm and knowledge for Gamification is infectious.”

An’s enthusiasm and knowledge for Gamification is infectious. During her talks I learnt so much about Gamification and how to use the science of gaming to motivate and inspire people in non-gaming situations. She created a really inspiring and lively environment where we were able to explore and learn how to implement gamification into real life business situations.

Lucy ignatiadis