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Creating lasting change in an uncertain world

Driving effective change within an organisation can be a daunting task, requiring resilience, vision, and having this responsibility has stopped many senior managers in their career progression.

Leading a team through change can be challenging, especially when facing resistance. You need to find a way to make the process engaging in order to motivate your team, but it’s difficult to know how to go about it.

Change management with gamification is the perfect solution for driving successful organisational change. An Coppens, a world-renowned expert on this topic, is providing an exclusive online course and community to offer insight into how to leverage the power of gamification to drive meaningful change, help overcome resistance, and boost employee engagement.

An has finally decided, after years of resisting requests for these materials, to put the courses together on using gamification in both change management and ledership. She has even committed to supporting change managers to becoming game changers in a supportive community where she will be ready to answer questions and support your journeys in changing behaviour for your organisation.

What will you find inside the community?

The community is set-up with coaching and accountability as a cornerstone (did we mention that coaching is another one of An’s passion topics) and even some habit trackers for those that need the gentle nudge. Obviously, we will have a large section dedicated to gamification and change management starting with two flagship programs:

  • Make change stick with gamification as an enabler
  • Gamified leadership for change agents

You can see program outlines on the side.

What else have we planned for you:

  • Book reviews and discussions
  • Game mechanics and their use
  • Webinars and audio interviews with change leaders
  • And much more as we co-create with you

Flagship program 1:

Make change stick with gamification as your enabler

Gamification can be a highly effective tool for driving behaviour change in corporate processes, given its ability to engage people, foster competition or collaboration, and provide immediate feedback and rewards. In fact, we would even say every gamification project is in effect a change program. However, implementing gamified change management needs careful planning and thoughtful design to ensure it achieves the desired results and aligns with the organisation’s culture and goals.

Here’s the outline of our online program for change decision-makers:

1. Introduction to Gamification

  • What is gamification and why does it matter?
  • Why and where does it fit in the context of change management?
  • Case studies of successful gamification initiatives in corporations
  • The psychology behind gamification: why it works

2. Understanding the Desired Behaviour Change

  • Change management models and principles
  • Defining the process and the journey
  • Defining clear and measurable behaviour change goals
  • Identifying current barriers to this behaviour

3. Gamification Design Principles

  • Core elements of gamification (e.g., goals, rules, feedback systems, rewards)
  • Tailoring these elements to the desired behaviour change
  • Principles of good game design

4. Implementing Gamification

  • Steps to design and implement a gamified system
  • Resources and tools needed for implementation
  • Building buy-in from stakeholders

5. Measuring Success

  • Defining success metrics
  • Collecting and analysing data to track progress
  • Making adjustments based on data

6. Risks and Ethical Considerations

  • Potential pitfalls and risks of gamification
  • Ensuring fairness and avoiding unintended negative consequences
  • Ethical considerations and guidelines

7. Hands-on Workshop

  • Interactive sessions to apply learned principles to a real-world scenario in your organization

Changing behaviour one step at a time

Who is this for?

The Game Changers Community is an online community for change-makers in the corporate sector. Either you are leading a team through change or you are responsible for change management or you aspire to work as a leader in this space.

An Coppens, our chief game changer at Gamification Nation started her career in change management consulting and worked in this space for over a decade before launching Gamification Nation in 2012. She worked for one of the then big 6 consultancies as well as smaller implementation-focused organisations. Her strength has always been to come up with innovative ways to communicate and encourage change.

Let’s be honest about change, most of us will hit some resistance. The only humans that are truly happy with change, are babies needing a nappy change.

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Flagship program 2:

Gamified leadership for change agents

Module 1: Introduction to Gamified Leadership

  • 1.1 What is Gamified Leadership?
  • 1.2 Why is Gamified Leadership Important?
  • 1.3 Principles of Gamification in Leadership
  • 1.4 Case Studies of Successful Gamified Leadership

Module 2: Understanding Change and Resistance

  • 2.1 Overview of Change Management
  • 2.2 Understanding Resistance to Change
  • 2.3 Strategies for Managing Resistance to Change
  • 2.4 Gamification as a Tool for Overcoming Resistance

Module 3: Designing a Gamified Leadership Strategy

  • 3.1 Identifying Desired Behavior Changes
  • 3.2 Aligning Gamification with Organisational Goals
  • 3.3 Core Elements of a Gamified Strategy (Goals, Rules, Feedback, Rewards)
  • 3.4 Workshop: Creating a Gamified Leadership Strategy

Module 4: Implementing Gamified Leadership

  • 4.1 Steps for Implementation
  • 4.2 Engaging Stakeholders in the Gamified Process
  • 4.3 Tools and Resources for Implementation
  • 4.4 Workshop: Developing an Implementation Plan

Module 5: Leading with Gamified Strategies

  • 5.1 Fostering a Culture of Engagement and Participation
  • 5.2 Leveraging Competition and Collaboration
  • 5.3 Motivating and Rewarding Teams with Gamified Tactics
  • 5.4 Case Study Discussion: Successful Gamified Leadership Initiatives

Module 6: Evaluating and Adapting Your Gamified Leadership Approach

  • 6.1 Defining Success Metrics
  • 6.2 Monitoring Progress and Adapting Strategies
  • 6.3 Addressing Challenges and Risks
  • 6.4 Workshop: Evaluating a Gamified Leadership Approach

Module 7: Ethical Considerations in Gamified Leadership

  • 7.1 Ensuring Fairness and Equity in Gamified Leadership
  • 7.2 Avoiding Unintended Consequences
  • 7.3 Promoting Ethical Behavior in a Gamified Environment
  • 7.4 Discussion: Navigating Ethical Challenges in Gamified Leadership

Module 8: Looking Ahead: The Future of Gamified Leadership

  • 8.1 Emerging Trends in Gamified Leadership
  • 8.2 Incorporating New Technologies in Gamified Leadership (e.g., AI, VR)
  • 8.3 Continuous Learning and Improvement in Gamified Leadership
  • 8.4 Final Reflections: Your Personal Action Plan