The problems we solve

The problems we solve can be grouped into 3 main categories:


Attract clients and employees

We work with marketing professionals to help them attract the right clients for their business and we work with HR executives to find the right people for the business, both designed to deliver results in a playful and engaging manner.


Retain clients and employees

We work with loyalty and customer success executives to assist them in retaining clients and work on rewards and loyalty strategies that create brand ambassadors. We work with HR teams to create employee engagement impact so that the best will stay.


Motivate clients and employees

We work with product owners and operational managers to design user journeys and experiences which keep people engaged and support them to keep coming back in ways that benefit both parties in ethical and sustainable ways.

We work with

We work with companies large and small as long as they have innovation, games and collaboration in their values. We have worked with:

  • Corporate clients in a variety of industries such as insurance, pharmaceutical, banking, technology
  • Public sector organisations such as defense, cities, councils
  • App and software owners looking to engage their users more
We work with all types of businesses and industries, from SMEs to FTSE 500 companies across the UK, Europe, the US and Asia.

Attract & recruit new employees and clients

Attract the right people for your company through to help them shine as clients and thrive as employees. All businesses know the right people help you get results and save you time and make you money. We create games to help select the best fitting or most targeted audience for you. We gamify the pre-hire, recruitment and onboarding experiences to attract and retain the best talent.

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Retain and set your employees and clients up for success 

Retention starts at the very beginning with great onboarding and finding out what people want from working with you. It is then your job to help them achieve their success, we help you identify what they want with games, quizzes, gamified onboarding processes.

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Motivate & inspire your employees and clients

Motivation starts with understanding your people, we create quizzes and games to help people realise their strengths and winning behaviours. Motivation is most often about majoring in the small steps that make a big difference from celebrating achievement to timely feedback and insightful moments of reflection. You can achieve that with games, gamification and engaging work spaces.

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Are you ready to attract, motivate and retain clients and employees with gamification?