Employer branding

Demonstrate your company culture and values in an engaging way.


Test applicants on key job skills as part of your screening process.


Digitise the orientation process, especially suitable for remote teams.

Show your new starters around the office before they even start with a virtual tour

On-board new staff with an interactive quest

Let potential candidates test-drive a new role

We are confident that we can come up with a creative gamified solution to suit your brand, recruitment and on-boarding needs. Get in touch for an initial call.

Pay & Play

Apps & Games

A digital solution for every stage of the employee lifecycle.

“Shortlisted as a Finalist in the TIGA games awards 2019.”

Our client wanted to attract more young people of a diverse background into engineering roles. We added a series of adventure themed mini-games to their recruitment process showing what life as engineer can be like and tests the individual on their abilities to build confidence and encourage them to apply.

“Increase existing client referral scheme.”

Our client, a financial institute wanted to increase their existing client referral scheme. Their clients preferred a very financially focused and on topic approach. We designed a business-like referral scheme with a fun team bonus for both the referral givers and receivers.