Gamification stuff we love: Open IDEO

Gamification stuff we love: Open IDEO

Gamification is often perceived as introducing competition, but in fact some of the great examples of human centred design thinking will actually inspire collaboration and co-creation. One such example is Open IDEO. Open IDEO invites people to take part in challenges, the challenges are sometimes sponsored, sometimes just larger social or community facing projects. Such as “How we might might we combat health threats such as Ebola, Zika, Malaria and SARS in bold and imaginative ways?”.

People are free to contribute and collaborate in the various phases of a challenges, namely research, ideas and evaluation. Collaboration is the key to making the ideas come to fruition. Collaborators earn a design quotient, which indicates how much you contribute to each phase in multiple projects, indicates your strengths and can be useful to show to potential future employers as well as simply to socially share or publish where you would like people to see it.

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Innovations like these is where gamification can make a massive social impact whilst rewarding the individual. Contributors are part of solving the epic quest to make our world a better place or an epic meaning challenge. Then equally it motivates to see your ideas being built on and potentially come to fruition for real, which will motivate the individual. The design quotient may well be what sets one candidate apart from another in a recruitment situation especially in some sectors.

What challenge will you contribute to?


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