Gamification Mechanic Monday: peer to peer

Gamification Mechanic Monday: peer to peer

Peer to peer support, recognition and motivation is a strong motivator for a lot of players. Being a respected scientist or developer often relies on fellow experts in the field to endorse your research or code. Being a respected colleague based on contribution is very often what a lot of employees crave for. They willingly contribute with their work and most often in the corporate world this goes unnoticed and sort of is deemed as expected behaviour. Great managers know it is important to spot contribution and recognise it even with just a few words or a gesture. To be recognised by peers takes this motivational factor to another level.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to elicit the expression of the peer-to-peer support, whether it is in kudos, virtual coins, shout outs, thank you notes or even a simple like or best contribution. Having it in place is really key. It can encourage a more positive work environment and spur on further performance and collaboration. I know in my corporate work that when I worked with people that valued my efforts, I performed better. Add to that equals that challenge you to come with your A-game all of the time or questions that raise your level is what made it fun. The more experienced you are in your field the more appreciative one becomes of this kind of peer-to-peer feedback and recognition.

Where are you using peer-to-peer recognition and feedback for motivation?


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