Gamification mechanic Monday: fans

Gamification mechanic Monday: Fans

Fans are a powerful resource in sports and often you will hear sports people and teams thanking the fans to be the extra player on the pitch. Whilst watching the European Cup in football, fans can also have a negative impact when they cause violence and interruption to games or before and after. It is needless and mindless and serves no purpose, in fact for the first time the governing body is finally taking a firm stance to potentially penalise the teams that are causing these fights. The sports people themselves don’t condone violence and just want to play their game and for the fans to enjoy it. I wonder if the fighting fans are really that passionate about the sport or more passionate about something else and they shouldn’t practise that there to spoil the fun for everyone else.

Fans in the gaming industry have also contributed to games and their development. Some games actively invite fans to create new endings, to contribute with tutorials on difficult levels, new challenges or levels. Other games like Mario for example created a creator kit in order for fans to make their own games.

In business gamification, I actively encourage my project teams in client companies to help create the solution and to invite their wider audience to co-create also. It gives people a sense of ownership and influence as well as pride when they see it working.

Where are you engaging your fans to improve your game?

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