Gamification Mechanic Monday: Well Played!

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Well Played!

In games you often have the ability to leave a message of praise to your opponent, which is used when they just played a great set or succeeded in defeating you. I am currently playing the game Hearthstone by Blizzard and it includes a number of pre-set messages including “Well played” among others.

It is this aspect of praise, which makes games so engaging. Mainly because in reality we hear very little praise if any at all in our schools, universities and businesses. Most of them allow great time and lots of processes for the negative or should I call it constructive feedback, but I have not seen or heard of many organisations which also have a positive praise process in place. There are some, but they are the exception and not the rule.

If you look at social media both Facebook and LinkedIn have their version of the “like” button and I have to admit it is always nice to get a few likes for a post or a message. It gives me the feedback that some people actually enjoyed the post or found something useful in it.

In my leadership training work I often talk about positive feedback and how according to research from the Gallup organisation we need about 5 pieces of positive feedback to neutralise one negative. So my question to you, how can you make sure you add a positive feedback button to your daily interactions?


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