Feminine gamification viewpoint: Why apps for ladies are a good investment of your time?

Feminine gamification viewpoint: Why apps for ladies are a good investment of your time?

I have been approached a number of times to review apps, when I then give feedback on how ladies may perceive the functionality, this is not always welcomed or brushed aside as future music. It’s as if the developers of the apps are shying away from a potentially lucrative market, because they are unsure on how to design for the ladies. Yet here are some compelling statistics about why it is important to go there…

  • Women install 40% more apps than men, buy 17% more paid apps, and pay 87% more for those apps
  • The top app categories for women are social media, news, productivity, lifestyle and books
  • The top app categories for men are business, games, navigation, travel, health, and fitness
  • Men lead in mobile gaming and in-app spending. They use business-related apps 85% more than women, navigation apps 40% more, games 61% more and health and fitness 10% more.
  • Women use social media apps a whopping 600% more than men, news apps 90% more, productivity apps 89% more, lifestyle apps 64% more, and books 10% more.

Typically apps are developed with features in mind, competition often plays a part and the thinking behind it is to resolve a singular aspect of life. I know I am generalising, but these three items are exactly what turns ladies away from downloading, they prefer holistic approaches which have genuine benefits to making life easier and social is far more important than any level of competition. Oh yes, we do also want it to be easy and intuitive to use, add to our busy lifestyle and look good if that’s at all possible, it doesn’t even have to pink to look good 🙂

Happy to review your app as long as your happy to take on board the feminine viewpoint 😉

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