Gamification Stuff we love: Playlyfe

Gamification Stuff we love: Playlyfe

Yesterday the friendly team from Playlyfe stayed in the office late to demo their gamification platform. If you have an existing software or process that you would like to add a layer of gamification to and you don’t have the time to have your own team of developers look into it, then Playlyfe provides an ideal solution.

Playlyfe allows you to construct your gamification experience tailored to your business process. Even a low tech person would be able to follow the process and the previews simulator made it possible to view your progress as you were building it.

So what can you create?

For any business process you can develop a journey, where you set the tasks and actions as well as relevant achievements and levels through experience point tracking. It effectively provides you with the system, but you still need to do the gamification design thinking (and if that’s a stretch, that’s where Gamification Nation comes in ;-).

The elements I particularly liked where being able to design quests with option to unlock content or achievements and the ability to have decision trees for journeys so all kinds of player types can find something in it. You can set the rules like you would design a game, so some achievements or levels are exclusive others can be achieved more than once. It also has the expected progress tracking, levels, badges and leaderboards should you wish to implement those on your platform or app.

If currently you want an easy solution to make your platform gamified, I would strongly urge you to check out Playlyfe. As said it works best when your gamification strategy is set and relevant game design thinking is applied to your organisation and processes, so it also appeals to your players.






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