Gamification Mechanic Monday: Protection

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Protection

In a game you can often build up protection for your treasures or earn protection as part of the game with the objective not to lose what you spent time building up. It can also sometimes set you free to play with higher risks because your lives or level point have been frozen in protection. A bit like immunity to be caught for example, that way you can play without fear of losing anything.

In enterprise gamification this is often a little bit different. True immunity I am not sure is quite feasible, everyone has to answer to someone ultimately. You do find diplomatic privileges which give some level of protection, so you could argue this is a similar example. Most of the time however diplomats live within the rules of the society they are part of and don’t by the virtue of diplomatic immunity take higher risks.

Off course a whole industry is built on the premise of protection namely insurance. Again this is not always considered fun, but similar in some sense where you are protecting several assets from business to building to public liability etc.

Where I can see protection as a useful strategy is in project management where you may want to build in time, budget or resource protection to ensure success of the project. In this case a key person with a key resource may need to be made available for the whole duration or transfer their skills at the same time, to ensure resource protection. In building projects having security around the supplies, so they don’t go missing are a reality in most projects.

To make it more fun though you could build in protection buffers into your daily work schedule and have a productivity protection either by always estimating time one day longer for the requestor and 1 day less for the delivery that way you have at least a day to review.

Where else can you build in protection for fun in business gamification?

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