Gamification Mechanic Monday: best possible team

Gamification Mechanic Monday: best possible team

In games it is not unusual for you to select the best possible team for a particular battle. In a game I am playing currently called Best fiends, you can select the fighting team of bugs and before you start you get an insight into their battle readiness with their hitting power. In each challenge there may be more appropriate team members to take to the battle against the slugs, based on their battle power and innate resources.

In a business setting we are often given team members or if we can select strengths and weaknesses are not always visible. Some gamification platforms such as Redcritter for example are tracking competencies and insofar that they are set up well, you will be able to look for people with the right competencies for your project. Full visibility of someone’s skills and strengths would definitely help build a specific task force that is fit for purpose.

In a game it is normal to plan a battle strategy and in project management you will see some similarities, however the skills and resources part is the hardest to manage, yet vital for project success. Imagine a 360 degree overview of our skills built up over projects and thanks to studies and life experience showing your potential and battle readiness for a project. The project manager can select his best team possible because of transparency.

In sports thanks to the availability of statistics on players, coaches will often select based on their information on their team as well as the opposite team in order to win the game. If you watched the movie Moneyball, you can see how this would play out for real.

How do you pick your best possible team at the moment in work?

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