Feminine gamification viewpoint: Passion sells

When you are passionate about what you, you will speak about it with great gusto and usually by that virtue persuade people around you with your passion. Yesterday I was speaking to a gentleman about business and what we do. He mentioned he had been on the look out for a gamification expert for his specific project. He had spoken to someone a while back, but they were a bit dismissive and not quite interested. He had then concluded that maybe what he was passionate about didn’t work or wasn’t quite possible with gamification.

I found that quite astounding. We talked some more about what he wants to achieve and about the vision he had for it. It turns out he can very likely achieve more with gamification for his project. He was also glad to discover that there are passionate people in this industry and he will be meeting two of us next week.

One thing I have learned over the years I have been working, is that when you love what you do, selling becomes easier. I was always good once I had people face to face and my track record to date is still great when I meet people in person and talk business. For my coaching business it was close on 90% conversion after meeting the person, for Gamification Nation it is  a bit less but then the deals involve a lot more parties and we often only have paper or online contact, which is not my best place.

In any case I also believe that when you no longer enjoy what you do, it is time to get out and move on to what you do enjoy. Life is for living and enjoyment in my view is an essential part of it. People now often comment on how they see that I love what I do and they would love to come to that space too. Personally I couldn’t agree more. When you are trading time for money, for me it never worked when it was not on similar values or aligned with my world view.

Selling however is an emotional game, one side wants the best for their project and the other wants to provide the service that can get them there. By virtue of knowing my field well and loving what it can do, I naturally combine the passion with expertise. More often than not sharing valuable information delivered with passion brings in more work.

For those of you unsure of selling, put your player passion into your sales narrative and share your love for the work that you do.

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