Gamification Mechanic Monday: Change to enhance gameplay

Mobile and tablet games have made us all used to regular updates and improvements, especially those that weren’t already computer and video gamers. Updates tend to be carried out for two reasons, firstly to fix known bugs and secondly to enhance gameplay. Most gaming companies will know exactly where people have dropped off in a game and will if they are watching closely identify what can be done to increase player retention and potentially enjoyment.

In recent Pokemon Go updates they introduced daily streaks for people that play every day and the points to be earned by playing once a day is well worth it. Especially since moving up levels is a long term grind. The core game play remained very much the same, but the player that is still involved in the game today wants to be rewarded for regular play at least that’s what I feel for me. In Candy Crush some updates have made it possible to move through to a the next level which was nearly impossible before. Again from speaking to their analytics people they know exactly where people are dropping off and getting stuck.

Traditional games such as card and board games, may get a make over in a new edition. In the case of the boardgames Carcassonne (which also has a great tablet version), they improved gameplay with extension packs, which allow for additional complexity and improve gameplay. It is however less practical for board and card games as well as sports to change the rules regularly, which technology makes so easy for their target audiences.

In enterprise gamification, especially with digital solutions, observe how your players behave and adapt your gameplay accordingly. I typically recommend that after initial implementation allow for a 30 day period with only bug fixing changes, after that observe the data and monitor challenges people report to you. Those will then guide you to make decisions regarding gamification flow. If many people are getting stuck or dropping off, then it is good to have a look at what is causing it and potentially improve the game.

What games have you seen enhanced through updates or extension packs?

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