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In the wordpress based learning management systems market very little gamification enabled systems are available, fills this gap quite nicely. The team behind it is quite keen to continuously improve it and they understand that learning is best completed in the first person.

The platform allows you to create quest based learning where learners undertake a series of learning challenges. Whether it is undertaking some learning or completing a task. It looks like a great companion for classroom training, where you enrol students into specific quests, track project work, allow them to level up, earn points, certification badges and virtual currency. It is easy to follow the set up of a new course, once you understand how quest based learning works.

When launching a new quest, you have the opportunity to set XP or experience points based on level of difficulty and effort you would expect people to have to apply when completing the quest. You can assign virtual currency for completion or the cost in virtual currency. You can add deadlines to create time based challenges. You can set content to be unlocked based on activity and milestones. Rewarding effort is key through the achievement functionality. The platform allows you to set and grade online contributions.

In each quest you can create side quests to challenge learners to go the extra mile or in deeper depth on your topic. You can add projects and have the option to set up teams to work together. As a trainer you can make announcements to the group. As a learner you receive messages when you have completed quests and your profile holds the information about your progress and courses.

The platform is an out of the box gamified solution for trainers and educators, based on solid learning related gamification principles. I think it should work quite well alongside live training or for online training.


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