Top 5 questions to ask before embarking on a gamification project

Gamification and games are often considered to be the cool kid on the block when implementing new solutions or something for younger audiences. I often question clients about what drove them to choose game elements as a way of engaging their target audience. So here are my top 5 suggested questions that you should answer before even embarking on a gamification project:

  1. Why do you think gamification will work for this project?

Often when I ask this, I receive very vague answers. Thinking that everyone else is doing it, so it must be good or jumping on the popular bandwagon is not really compelling. The answer to this question will reveal if you have really thought this through and maybe even found evidence of other organisations in this field finding it helpful.

2. How will you know your project is successful

I like to start with the end in mind. It makes it a lot easier to work towards a tangible goal with success measures in place, rather than a general feeling. A general feeling is usually not enough in most business projects. I would even go as far as making a business case for your gamification project.

3. What apps and games is your target audience used to using?

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