Gamification stuff we love: Klaxoon

If you are doing live or online presentations or training courses, Klaxoon provides additional interactive functionality to engage with your audience. Last week at Online Educe Berlin, I was so enamoured with the demo that I invited Klaxoon to assist in facilitating with a panel discussion and to have some audience sentiments. The service comes both as a cloud offering or with the Klaxoon box which enables you to set up a wifi network in the room with just access to electricity. It then can connect with up to 40 people at a time.

You can ask your audience to give 1 word input, which appears in a word cloud. You can ask them to participate in a poll, a survey or engage them in a collaborative SWOT analysis. Now imagine this in an online webinar and having some interaction flowing quite easily.

The system also includes a an adventure story where you can set a number of challenges and test people’s understanding and knowledge on a specific topic or what you just trained about for example.


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