Gamification Stuff we love: Zizzi tackles cancer

Gamification Stuff we love: Zizzi tackles cancer 

The Italian restaurant chain Zizzi introduced an online, mobile accessible mobile scratch card game to raise £1 million for the Stand Up to Cancer campaign from Cancer Research UK. Flyers on the table in restaurants encourage the smart phone users to play the game and to win either a pro-rugby training session or a trip to New York.  Their campaign has the #ZizziTacklesCancer.

Because the timing of the launch of the campaign also coincided with the World Cup Rugby. Two rugby players Jonny May and Alex Corbisiero were invited to design their favourite pizza and for every one of these pizza bought in the restaurant a part of the price goes towards Cancer Research. To play the scratch card game, you enter your name and email and then you can scratch to your heart’s content and win free drinks, desserts or money off that you can use in the restaurant when you match three symbols.

The gamification platform used was from Voco from 3Radical and they include a personalised messaging follow-up based on the preferences of players.

In terms of return on investment according to the initial marketing data, engagement is up 3 fold based on click through rates and sign-ups, which is a significant jump in what the figures were before. It took only 6 weeks to put the gamification campaign together and make it live and ready for customers.

What I like about the campaign is that a simple scratch and win game will invite the customer (very likely in the restaurant, playing on their smartphone) to experience the chance of instant wins or actual instant wins. Both will encourage them to play more and as a group going out for dinner this could be even fun to see who wins first. It reduces waiting times and ads a little bit of fun, the guilt side is taken away because it is also supporting a great cause.

The element of associating with a celebrity is often used in marketing and here comes in the form of a relevantly timed campaign about rugby and if England had been doing better, possibly it would have benefited this campaign further, but equally in most cities you will hear about the Rugby World Cup in one way or another. It does tap into the philanthropic side and social belonging motivators. The prize to win a pro-rugby training session will also target a particular kind of customer who wants to meet their rugby heroes and improve their skill.

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