Gamification Mechanic Monday: Mastering the basics

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Mastering the basics

All games require a number of basic skills, it is mastering the basics which will later in time give you the edge to win. In sports this is the same, a lot of teams drill the basic skills. As a follower of rugby (mainly the Irish and Munster team), it is in the basics the Northern Hemisphere teams lost to their Southern Hemispheres opponents in the current rugby world cup and a bit of bad luck for some too.

As a basketball coach I used to start all my training sessions with drills of the basics, from a simple lay-up, to passing, to defensive footwork to running attack lines. It is by regular rehearsing of the fundamentals of the game, that you become an intuitive great player. Having a core team stick together helps, but if everyone mastered the core basics when joining it makes it easier for a coach to build a coherent strategy. I guess for these guys at the top of their nations in rugby this is no different with the addition of a tactical game. Yet in the display at the quarter finals this weekend it was poor passing, bad defending and not converting the easy kicks that lost games.

In business doing your core business well requires years of learning, fine-tuning, practising and implementing what you do best. The best in the game are usually better at the basics and will not just change with the latest trend or fad. Find a working base and embed this with all your employees, built the fancy footwork from your base starting point. I would say that a lot of businesses, may not know what their core base is, so hence the question what are the basic fundamentals of your line of work?

What are the basics for your industry or work? How well do you do them?

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