Gamification stuff we love: Stockfuse

Gamification stuff we love: Stockfuse

Stockfuse provides a candidate evaluation and talent development platform, employing gamification technology to bring skill-based recruitment to the financial services industry. The platform integrates trading, psychology, and machine learning techniques to build trading games that automatically generate multi-dimensional profiles from its players, providing detailed insights into their investing style, thought processes, engagement levels, and behavioural biases.

Barclays is the first British bank to use Stockfuse for its graduate recruitment. Over a 13 week period students in various regions around he world are invited to take part in the stock trading game and display their skills. The winners for each region will get an opportunity to meet with Barclays staff to explore career options.

The aim of the game is create a stock portfolio and test your investment strategies in the engine to create the best performance possible and maximise profitability. Whilst playing you learn about the dynamics of the stock market and at the same time a potential employer learns a lot about your behaviour and strategic decision making. A leaderboard displays top performers, your portfolio dashboard allows you to delve into the performance of individual stocks and adjust your portfolio. You are also shown the feed of experienced investors and what they are doing, which gives you the option to learn or apply your own thinking.

It looks like the appetite for gamification in finance remains high, which I guess is a reflection of the highly competitive, yet at the same time also risk averse industry. Analytics are at the core of decisions for thin sector, so it is also no surprise this will appeal to them.

What other gamification initiatives have you seen in the financial sector?

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