Gamification Mechanic Monday: Uniting

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Uniting

In sports supporting the team has a uniting effect for the fans and with this weekend filled with a variety of amazing sports events nofollow in the Rugby World Cup and the Eurobasket finals, it was hard not to get somewhat passionate for a team. Games create a sense of unity and belonging to a larger tribe, which is a very basic feeling most humans enjoy and often seek out.

In gamification when teams take part together to achieve a common goal a similar feeling of unity can be achieved. I have seen it in sales where countries joined forces across all levels to top the leaderboard in a race-course style circuit, even those without sales targets got into the banter and encouraging of the team. Teams that were established across international boundaries for an employee well being program came together to encourage each other forwards.

The uniting factor is a clearly defined goal with milestone steps to achieve it and the knowledge that your contribution matters to the ultimate success. In sports more and more you see the teams coming out to thank their followers and supporters both in wins and defeats.

When did you thank your following or team mates last in work?

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