Gamification stuff we love:

Gamification stuff we love:

Earlier this week I had a first ever demo of the gamification platform as part of research for a project which required an open source solution. Alessandro Giannone, the founder of the company, explained the history of the platform having roots in e-commerce and therefore offering immediate solutions for this purpose. Currently the platform is available for enterprise on-premise implementations and the open source version is in the pipeline for later in the development.

It was indeed clear in the demo that a lot of thought had gone in to attracting e-commerce based customers and hence the platform can fit nicely in a customer loyalty program and in my view indeed also a sales solution where immediate sales feedback can be shown. The platform at this point also has an integration with Moodle to allow for learning related gamification on the Moodle LMS. Further development for additional integration points is ongoing as well as additional functionality and obviously the open source version.

The gamification platform offers levels, missions, coupons, action based achievements and rewards from virtual coins to badges and other visual trophies, multiple point systems. Further developments will enhance the potential of the platform and it has a great selection of gamification mechanics available out of the box. Reporting options and adaptability of the gamification seem easy to manage. What sets this platform really apart from the others is the on-premise delivery method and the future open-source option and the e-commerce potential.

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