Gamification Mechanic Monday: Collecting

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Collecting

Collecting items is something most of us have probably done as children, whether it was stickers for a sticker book or in my case stamps with flowers on them, first day stamps of big sports events, teddy bears from all my travels (had to give that one up eventually due to space), dried flowers, etc. When a collection book is nearly full, finding those images that you are missing becomes a big pre-occupation. I remember on our school playground amazing trading going on to fill soccer related sticker books between the soccer fans. They walked around with stacks of the spare or double stickers and their book, looking for that one specific missing one.

I preferred it being a more private sport and my collections only came out for the very special viewers. The collections however did at times take over a room, whether it was drying stamps or carefully arranging flowers before they went on the drying press or into big encyclopaedias between special paper to make sure they dried properly. It provided hours of entertainment. Looking at your treasures gave the lovely sense of pride and achievement, finding a coveted special stamp could even cause moments of euphoria and then looking up the worth (not that I was ever selling them) equally felt good.

In a recent gamification design, I incorporated collectible status achievements, which will be visible to players from the start. When they earn them they will become visible in full colour in their collectible trophy cabinet. Other achievements will not be visible until they are achieved. For the collectible items the players can click on them to find out how to earn them.

What did you collect as a child or maybe even now? where have you used it in your gamification design?



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