Gamification stuff we love: Exercise around the world

Gamification stuff we love: Exercise around the world

Some of the most interesting work in gamification has been created by teachers or former teacher with an interest in IT for a purpose they recognised from being in their profession. I have mentioned it before, but I follow edtech in order to stay up-to-date with what will be coming our way down the line for the corporate world.

The tool we are talking about this week is from Active Globe and allows you to plan your exercise and set goals in terms of distance around the world. You can do it individually just because you wanted to run, swim or cycle from London to Sydney for example, all you need to do is set the goal, connect your run keeper, fitbit or other tracking device and off you go on your trip around the world and towards your goal. It then shows you on the map how your progress is coming along.

It was designed by a PE teacher to do challenges like this with a whole class or even a school and they have made it available for companies too. Pricing is very favourable for both schools and companies and if you want to try it just for you it is free to use.

The gamification is light, but then it does what it is supposed to do. You have progress tracking and a leaderboard against all the people currently tracking or if you were doing it by company or school you have the measures against your immediate colleagues and peers.

active Global An's progress to Brussels

I am currently running from London to Brussels, where will you be exercising to?


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