Gamification Mechanic Monday: Seasons

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Seasons

As most of my games apps have been updating in the last couple of days, some have taken on their usual Seasonal feel, by providing Easter related graphics and the odd Easter Egg Hunt. Most of our corporate applications rarely adapt to major event or seasonal festivities in your local culture. It can however provide fun and interaction under a common theme.


I have seen treasure hunts in office spaces for a desirable big Easter egg win for the team. I have also seen Easter egg dashes where the eggs were all visibly hidden and people were just set loose at a particular time to find them. Or the random surprise Easter egg, which in games is a regular game mechanic to surprise and delight players with.

Effectively in gamification events and seasonal links provide a storyline and often linked accepted activities which can take place in an office environment.

What did you do for your Easter gamification efforts?

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