Gamification stuff we love: Digital City Adventure

Gamification stuff we love: Digital City Adventure

Treasure hunts and location based team hunts can be a fantastic way to engage your team or your potential customers. The Finnish Observis team behind Digital City Adventure have created a platform which allows you to set up an engaging hunt in a location of your choice with various challenges to integrate and engage your target players with. You an play it out in your office or within a city location, to me this immediately got my creativity going of imagining multi-skilled teams working together to explore a city and uncover a hidden treasure. If you watch TV shows which include adventure racing, you see participants typically in pairs travelling to various point, having to complete an activity and then unlocking their next clue for their next destination, the quickest ones to finish carry on forward and those that are too slow will be eliminated. In one of our Wednesday blogs we already shared such a challenge by a car company, so we know it can work for marketing also.

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Imagine using the platform for new hire orientation, team collaboration, conferences and events or even as a marketing or customer relationship exercise.

I personally think this could be a lot fun and a good way to combine online and off-line worlds for achieving either a team or individual challenge. In training I did use this option on occasion and with youth groups also, only then it was primarily paper based. When I was your we had it at my confirmation party with a giant snakes and ladder board and clues hidden in trees around a forest. In short I guess I can see the potential for this kind of digital option, now which client wants to design one with me?

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