Gamification Mechanic Monday: player co-op

Gamification Mechanic Monday: player co-op

Some of the Playstation 2 offer the option to have two players co-operating their characters simultaneously and the most points are gathered when actions are carried out in unison. It requires two players co-ordinating each move and their ability to co-ordinate the console stick, which if you have tried it will take a bit of practise to master.

In a business gamification setting the pairing up technique can work well with employees with similar goals or those in a mentor/mentee relationship where some of the tasks and actions are dependent on both parties taking action at the same time and/or in the same way. It allows for both parties to have a vested interest in the best possible outcome. In telesales for example it can be a fun technique to have people kick-off at the same time and follow a process, which then varies obviously depending on the person on the other side. The sales apprehension will become less important when you hear everyone around you doing similar first steps into a call, it is harder to be confident in the early days when you can hear everyone listening to what you are saying.

There is an element of fun in co-ordinating a move and doing it simultaneously and when you watch any synchronised sports it takes skills and practise too. When executed well ad together synchronised sports can be awesome to watch. So the question is where in business could you have a fun game like this going on?

Where can you see player co-op working well?

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