Gamification stuff we love: Brighton university gamification course

Gamification stuff we love: Brighton university gamification course

One of my fellow gamification guru’s Pete Jenkins of Gamification Plus and Dr Penny Simpson are organising the first UK based gamification course in Brighton business school. The course is set up to help you in the development of you gamification business case, which for a lot of managers I speak to is the first key to getting their project approved by senior decision makers in the business.

I spoke to Pete and they are also promising to have the course gamified so you will also be experiencing how gamification can work in practise.

On completion of the course you will:

  • Have a critical understanding of gamification and evaluation of its impact
  • Gain knowledge of existing models of game design and gamification design
  • Develop critical insight into how gamification can be strategically and effectively applied in a range of business contexts
  • Develop a critical understanding of the costs-benefits of gamification
  • Have an appreciation of the risks and issues (including ethical) of gamification
  • Develop the ability to design realistic gamification solutions for business issues

Specific topics covered in the course:

  • Gamification for business: strategy
  • Games techniques
  • Motivation and behaviour
  • Gamification design
  • Business case for gamification

If you are serious about developing a business proposal and working out a gamification project into further detail with input from experts as well as peers, then this will be a good opportunity to do this.


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