Gamification Mechanic Monday: Blocking

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Blocking

In some sports blocking can give advantage or create new opportunities. As I was watching some rather original sport called roller derby, which seemed like blocking and stopping the path of the opposition was the core of the actual game. The objective of the attacking team was to break through the blocks and rollerblade ahead which scored points. I remember from my basketball days that effective blocks in attack could definitely open up scoring or passing positions that weren’t there before.

In a business setting I have seen the blocking technique effectively used in union negotiations, at board meetings and maybe even less important meetings. If you are the blocking party you are basically forcing the other person or group to look at another alternative or to break through the barrier. In some cases you may carry the block with you and go ahead anyway.

From a systems perspective, some blocks may prevent users from accessing information or may limit the use. You will often find daily limits on gambling sites, to prevent over-use. Parents may set limits on certain TV channels, governments may impose certain blocks on advertising or particular kinds of TV shows before 8pm in the evening.

As a technique it is not always the first to spring to mind in gamification but it can be used very effectively to help explore other options.

Where have you seen blocking in action?

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