Gamification stuff we love: Virtual reality adoption

Gamification stuff we love: Virtual reality consumer adoption report 2016

Virtual reality is seen to be a growing market for non-game applications, especially in the tourism and marketing of properties the interest is significant. At least that is what we experience. In learning VR is used where real experiences are harder to re-create such as for example living and working on a platform, medical interventions, life in combat, etc. The emotional experience virtual reality offers is life-like. In fact our brain doesn’t see it as different from a real life experience.

In the infographic below created by Greenlight VR, the overwhelming feeling of virtual reality is positive with consumers. Once people have experienced it, they find that they can see opportunities for it. The main applications as per the research are similar to what we find in enquiries namely in tourism, closely followed by movies and live events. Price, durability and availability of quality content are seen as the main decision swayers for people investing in VR or not. We think the future for VR will be interesting to follow and how it will find its place alongside augmented reality, which thanks to Pokemon Go has been given an almighty boost.

Greenlight VR surveyed, mainly the US market, about the adoption of virtual reality for non-game purposes in 2016. The report is for sale through their website, here is the infographic with some highlights.


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