Gamification Mechanic Monday: Trading

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Trading

Collecting cards, stickers or in todays world Pokemon, part of the game was to trade the ones you had double. Part of the fun was to negotiate how you should receive more than one card in return for some of the more rare items. As far as i know this option is not available on Pokemon Go, but it could be a nice addition, in my opinion. Me and my partner often compare which ones we have both found on our travels to and from work or other.

Trading of cards and stickers thought those of us that took part about negotiations really early on in life. Some of the tactics seen and heard on the playground were definitely pre-cursors of life in the sales frontline or less scrupulous techniques.

Imagine in work that you could trade benefits with one another. For example if I had holidays carried over, you could trade maybe a pension payment to receive my holiday allowance. I can probably hear HR professionals reading this freak out due to the admin involved, but it would be an easier option if a virtual coin system was in place and virtual store, where I could put my allowance up for sale and everyone who would want it could engage in an auction style bidding exercise. In the playground that was often how multiple people wanting the same card got settled. The person with the best trade in return typically got the coveted card.

Where would you use trading as a gamification mechanic in business?


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