Gamification stuff we love: Recognition

Gamification stuff we love: Recognition

On Monday I took a taxi to get to my workshop destination and it was the first time ever someone asked me are you the “An Coppens” from gamification? I thought it was because of my email signature when booking or something. But in fact the gentleman in question, had been researching how he could help himself with concentration for studying law. He is studying part time with the Open University and in his research he found gamification as a potential solution. He knew of my dancing antics conferences and had seen a couple of my youtube clips.

I have to say I was a little embarrassed to hear it and at the same time slightly proud to be recognised. We then had the funniest taxi ride brainstorming ideas on what he could do to help with his studies. We came up with an accountability buddy who gives the away from motivation, when studying wasn’t going to plan. I shared my fruit and veg rewards for little chunks of study, I used to line up grapes, cherry tomatoes and carrots as rewards for pre-identified pieces of study. We talked about making stories from some key cases he needed to remember. I used to line up my collection of teddy bears and assumed the role of teacher at some points while studying, which proved a great receptive audience (albeit a little quiet). We also found deadline adrenaline does work too, and how a time challenge to set the deadline a few days earlier could help too in then having revision time. I also suggested to visit courts and legislative bodies and watch the process in action to bring the material to life.

I have to say it was fun to be recognised and it definitely gave me a boost for the day (and every time I recount the story). Next time you meet someone that inspired you in some way, let them know. The feeling of recognition is a great motivator to keep up the work you do. It made me work with a smile.



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