Gamification Mechanic Monday: blanks

Gamification Mechanic Monday: blanks

It is rare I draw a complete blank for inspiration, but it happened this morning. I sat staring at the computer screen thinking really hard about what to write and all I drew was blanks. So I went with the blank energy and decided on an impromptu bit of self-nurturing time with meditations. Funny enough it lead for me to actually write about blanks.

In games you have plateaus where players are not challenged to be at their top performance but where they can breathe and come back to full power. Athletes in sports practise cool downs and rest periods, so it makes great sense to do the same in business. I don’t mean take a full holiday, but allow some blank space in your diary, schedule to just reflect, sit, do whatever comes up in your mind. You won’t feel like this all of the time, but on the occasion that you do allow yourself to go with it and just be.

In another sense keeping going may well result in shooting blanks, because your energy, concentration or flow has just given a hint that it may be time to hide out and just be for a moment. When you keep going whilst shooting blanks your rest moment may soon come in any case, but maybe not in your chosen conditions.

So when is the last time you took some blank time to re-fuel your senses, inspiration and fun?


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