Gamification stuff we love: Pymetrics

Gamification stuff we love: Pymetrics

We work primarily in the employee and learner engagement space and  frequently asked question is around gamification for recruitment, especially for those that don’t really know what jobs they could be good at. Now the recruitment process can be gamified in a number of ways from challenges and quests to actually using games to identify skills. It is the latter that Pymetrics have managed to build. Pymetrics combines neuroscience games with machine learning algorithms to match players with a job role.

By playing 12 games a number of candidate values are being tested and a profile is being created. This profile is then matched with potential roles you could be good at. The system also asks you to complete your profile as you would on LinkedIn to also add a more complete candidate picture. The combination of values identified through games as well as your professional and educational profile are matched to job roles. When you select your preferred work areas it also then allows you to match it up with actual job titles.

From a career identification perspective it is great to match your values and skill to a potential career path. From a recruiters perspective it also saves money to know more value based information about candidates, which will let you decide whether they can fit into your culture or not. Based on the early indicators with clients cost savings for companies range up to 40% and the added bonus is that they discovered new more diverse potential hires and for candidates it opened doors to companies they didn’t know about at that point.

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