Gamification Mechanic Monday: Guess the number

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Guess the number

This weekend I amused myself by learning to code in C#, the course I was following had me hooked by the fact that they were teaching code by making games. I have  to say I never got so much joy out of a guess the number game. What I enjoyed the most was the satisfaction of seeing my very basic level of coding work in real life on something I could relate to. My partner who is a developer thought it was a bit silly, because he managed to do those kind of games on his calculator in school, oh well. It didn’t dampen my enthusiasm.

The one thing in gamification I always discuss with clients is how to give players that early win sensation, just like my sense of achievement with the simple guess the numbers game. It requires the creation of a challenge, easy instruction to follow and a little bit of letting them do it on their own and then congratulations at the end for achieving the desired outcome.

Guessing the number is often used in games of chance, which are still a very popular games in marketing, advertising and lotteries are built on it.

Whether you take away the creation of a sense of achievement or guess the numbers as today’s gamification mechanic, how and where will you be implementing it?

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