Gamification stuff we love: The never-ending digital journey

Gamification stuff we love: The never-ending digital journey

Yesterday I had the fun opportunity to attend the book launch of “The never-ending digital journey” organised Globant, who were one of the first ever consultancies to advise Google about innovation. The journey the company has taken to create an impressive list of clients and how they assist large organisations to be relevant and innovative with pod based structures was inspiring.

I read the book yesterday on the way home. It clearly shows the authors have worked out how to bring innovation and appropriate digitisation to their customers. The Agile Pod way of working is described for client projects and how the studio based structure for practise areas also allows for deeper expertise development of their internal teams. The key to being successful in creating digital journeys is explained to have a strong eye on the metrics and how teams work in similar patterns with full transparency. Cross-collaboration and sprints to reach progress and results is what drives the pods and what makes the culture of delivering quality consistently a possibility. The book shares the key metrics the teams follow and what is suggested for similar projects to drive innovation and quality.

Emotional connections with easy intuitive applications in the form of apps, wearables and Internet of Things devices is how the digital journeys are created, the example of the Disney MagicBand brings the conceptual ideas to live for those not as close to new technology.

I particularly enjoyed the chapter which touched on gamification and shares a lot of the great advice, we believe in too. It shares how to structure good design with clear business objectives in mind and adapted for your target audience.

Personally I believe it is a great read and shares sound advice on how big businesses can achieve innovation in competition to the start-up economy. It gives clear ideas on how to run metrics for the purpose of achieving fitting results and lots of other nuggets relating to creating a digital journey for your customers.


If you have read it, feel free to share your thoughts too.


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