Gamification mechanic Monday: Team tactics

Gamification mechanic Monday: Team tactics

When we have nothing of interest to watch on TV, thanks to our newer television we are now watching e-sports and our other default sports. This weekend we watched a League of Legends tournament in Ukraine, what struck me is the team trust that has to exist with players on one team. As a team in combat you are relying on your team mates to perform to their strengths and fight with the armour they used to develop their character. You may not have immediate visibility on their actions, and act on trust that your back is covered when needed.

It is not vastly different to how we expect teams in a work environment to perform. The challenge in the corporate world is often who to trust and also a tolerance of non-performance. I am not talking about having one bad day, but more the accepted non-addressing of poor performance on a consistent basis, because of tenure, friends politics, or other not so healthy excuses. In most companies we don’t have as much feedback as any of the players in an e-sports tournament. Making the team is an honour and when your performance dwindles, the team may decide to not have you on the starting team and eventually no longer on the team.

How to play, what modes to play, what armour they aim to use, whether to come out aggressively or other and when to take breaks, is something an e-sports team will discuss. Even a toilet break we saw used as a team tactic. When was the last time your team in work really discussed strategy and tactics to perform at your best? In the agile school of project management regular scrums to discuss actions are probably the closest to this approach that I have seen and experienced in the world of work.

What tactical tools are you using in your work area, that may have a positive impact on performance?

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