Gamification stuff we love: MySugr

Gamification stuff we love: MySugr

Last week I spoke at the sales and marketing in Pharma conference in amsterdam and in my preparations I came across this great app called MySugr, which helps diabetes sufferers to keep a hold of their monster aka the diabetes. The app offers easy to follow progress tracking and helps with staying healthy.

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Progress tracking is the key element for the app, which is obviously an essential part of managing diabetes. What is fun that diabetes is depicted as a monster which needs minding. If you ever nurtured Tamagochi creatures then you will get the drift of this quite easily. Equally it allows you to take challenges to keep motivation up. I really like the ease of use and graphics and the friendly nudges to do the right thing.

My niece suffers from diabetes and it is a constant struggle to measure correctly what she has eaten, the amount of activity she has taken part in and then how much she needs to inject to stay healthy. For that purpose MySugr junior exists and this one allows children to enter their data and the link back to parents or carers via mobile message is a great way to confirm health management and also to help the child when facing new foods.

What health management apps are you using and are they gamified?

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