Gamification Mechanic Monday: Combinations

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Combinations

In games you often have to combine a number of moves in order to gain advantage or more power. This means that first of all you have to be active and reach a level where your skills are good enough to create all the parts of the combination. For example in Candy Crush, you first learn how to create the striped, dotted and pocket candies, before you are asked to combine them. As the levels go up, they become more difficult to create or find together.

Candy crush combinations

In gamification your most active and skilled employees or customers, could be given combination deals or advantages to receive more of what they want. For example in an airline loyalty program, once you have reached a level in the upper tiers such as gold or platinum, the amount of advantages available to you increase from lounge use, the preferential bookings and entry to the plane, to extended advantages for your immediate family, etc.

When it comes to employee engagement and gamification aimed at employees, I haven’t seen that many combination advantages yet or at least not of the explicit kind.

What combination gamification mechanic have you come across?


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