Gamification stuff we love: Dulux visualiser

Gamification Stuff we love: Dulux Visualiser

I often have conversations with friends on how can gamification be used for something they can relate to and usually I give examples of fitness apps, but here is another one my friends will definitely relate to when re-designing a room in the house: Dulux Visualer.

Dulux has used augmented reality technology in an app and then let’s you apply their colours to your room. Basically the app uses the camera in your smartphone and you select colours based on what the app sees as matching to your room, with a simple tap to select the colour and another tap to apply it to the wall in question, you can see how the room will look when the colour is applied. You can save the result and then go to a store to find the exact colour. Have a look at the video or better again try the app for yourself.

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So the gamification is providing augmented reality for interior design purposes and tapping colour to personalise your room, which worked a lot smoother than a drawing/colouring game I tested a while back, where you had to spend ages swiping the colour on and staying in the lines on a pad was not so easy. Tap and fill works for me, I just wish it would be that easy for real.

From a behaviour perspective, instead of a journey to the shop for a sample which you apply and then everyone has a look at a little patch of paint to decide if you want the whole room to look like this, has been made a lot easier with a few simple select and tap moves. I would say re-imagining your rooms is now more fun and a lot easier and if done together with the whole family it can be quite good fun.

I love it because it is easy to use and it enhances the customer experience.

Where else have you seen a problem in the customer experience, which could be enhanced with gamification?

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