Gamification Mechanic Monday: FOMO

Gamification Mechanic Monday: FOMO

Christmas holiday sales

With the after Christmas sales well underway, the FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out game mechanic is playing out. If the images of Black Monday or Boxing (also St Stephens for my Irish followers) day sales are anything to go by, this mechanic is not losing it’s power any time soon. Did you queue? or did you leisurely join the sales? or are you avoiding it like the plague?

Her is another area where I see it happen, namely in the setting of resolutions. Most people feel they have to do it in order to keep up with the Joneses. Let’s be honest, have you shown up in your gym this week, just because everyone else is and you might feel you might be missing out if you didn’t participate. Or are you more the self-development type, who went for all the kickstart bonuses to learn new skills this year as the online platform Udemy cleverly introduced with their $10 pricing to get you started.

Where else have you seen the mechanic FOMO in action lately?

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