Gamification Mechanic Monday: level up combat tools

Gamification Mechanic Monday: level up combat tools

Yesterday I downloaded a new game called Best Fiends on the recommendation of a friend. It immediately started with a tutorial and a simple storyline to get me engaged and started. I flew through the first few levels and then found a way to level up my combat tools, which in this game are represented by various insects. What I really like is that you can make your fighting helpers stronger and more powerful, which also affects their power weapon. You need less individual food items to kill off a slug and win your way through to the next level in the game. There are a lot of game mechanics going on at any given time, which adds to the enjoyment and definitely has me intrigued.

In enterprise gamification you can apply the levelling up tools to achieve your task or missions faster. In a customer service setting earning higher status may mean that your experience level already indicates a higher level of service and hence your queries in case they are escalated may achieve higher priority in resolution. In e-learning it may mean access to higher classed learning or unlocking further levels destined for you level experience.

Where else could you see levelling up of your combat tools happening in business gamification?



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