Feminine gamification viewpoint: Little Bits

Feminine Gamification Viewpoint: Little Bits

In this feminine gamification viewpoint theme I often share and highlight some female designers that really have come up with great inventions, this one really is amazing. I had the chance to play with Little Bits last Christmas and they were intriguing little pieces that help you make electronic circuits. In a very playful way you can create your own inventions just like Lego or Minecraft only these are even smarter and have inbuilt electronics. I love the concept.

Ayah Bdeir the female founder of the company explains how they use these Little Bits to inspire creators and designers of all ages to create something even more fun than just an electronic circuit. Have a listen to her Ted Talk, she is truly passionate (another thing we really love about ladies with great inventions):

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From a gamification design perspective, the fact that the Little Bits are easy to use, even teach you with magnets which parts don’t fit together is a nice way to learn how to fail. The design is colourful and only limited by your own imagination. I know when I tried it I was looking for more pieces to create more, which is exactly how they are using it to inspire designers and artists to take their creativity further.

If you have played and created stuff with Little Bits, by all means share in the comments and challenge those creative spirits out there…


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