Gamification Mechanic Monday: Boosters

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Boosters

In a game you will often earn boosters, which allow you to either move quicker, have additional power or you may even skip forward. Most of the time these boosters are use to keep you motivated and encourage you to continue on in the game.

As a gamification mechanic, a Monday morning booster may well be useful in a work environment. For some people this may be an extra free coffee, but for others it could also be an hour of focused time to get ahead for the week ahead. In office environments I have worked in, managers would set a motivational booster target that for the first to reach the target, they would earn a treat for the team or earlier leaving time. It usually had the desired effect of the motivational boost.

The key in gamification is to pick boosters that are relevant to the people in your organisation, things or actions that would really motivate them.

What are you doing this Monday to boost motivation?


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