Feminine gamification viewpoint: measuring leadership

Feminine gamification viewpoint: measuring leadership

In a recent article in Harvard Business Review by Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, titled “To hold women back, keep treating them like men.” Avivah explains that all managers in organisations recognise men and women are different, yet in most organisations measurement of female leadership traits isn’t brought in to balance the equilibrium. Both men and women have feminine and masculine leadership traits, so measuring both will also benefit both.

Gamification is often used to track and measure performance and give feedback. I can think of measures such as levels of displayed empathy, perception of power and influence, connectedness in social networks, and impact consequences to name a few. Encouraging both gender to learn about these traits and how they may even be displayed marginally differently by each is a starting point. Measuring competency in each of them a second step.

The challenge with measuring these often softer and subtle skills is to find displayed evidence of them in practise. It will take creativity and open minded listening to discover them especially when an organisation is still learning about these, but the impact may then be that women will also feel they can rise to the top in a feminine way rather than having to become one of the boys.

How would you gamify feminine leadership traits?

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